Party While the World Burns with Aldi's Outdoor Heater/Speaker

By Gary Cutlack on at

Contribute to the hyperlocal global warming of your feet and arms with Aldi's new outdoor heater, which outdoes all other current outdoor heaters by including a light and a speaker. If your neighbours don't already hate you because of the rumblings of video game weaponry and unsocial-hour food deliveries, this will definitely get them on to the council.

It costs £99, which could be a lot for an outdoor heater-cum-speaker, or it might not be very much, as it's a new market and prices are somewhat in flux at the moment due to their only being one model of heater/speaker on sale. And it hit the UK market today, only via Aldi's online shopping portal, so there's an extra £3.99 involved in having it brought to your house. That means no one will judge you in person for walking out of a shop with one.

The light can be remotely commanded to change colour too, should the party not be going that well and perhaps blue light might be more appropriate as an accompaniment to whatever tune its poor owner is sending to it via Bluetooth. [Aldi via Metro]