The UK's Favourite Broadband Provider Is Plusnet According to Broadband Genie

By Shabana Arif on at

Roll out the red carpet and get your glad rags on, because it's time to announce the winners from the Broadband Genie Broadband Awards. Plusnet cleaned up after being voted the Best Value Provider, Best Broadband Provider, and winning Best Customer Care – which seems to fly in the face of Ofcom's own 2018/2019 report published last month that saw the provider getting far more complaints per 100,000 customers when compared to BT, TalkTalk, EE, Sky, and Virgin.

"We’re proud to provide our customers with great value and brilliant service. We’re pleased to be recognised for this in Broadband Genie’s recent home broadband survey," said a Plusnet spokesperson.

Compared to Ofcom's 2018 Q1 data, the number of complaints that Plusnet has received per 100,000 customers has rocketed up from 20 to 101, while complaints about Sky were a tiny 20 per 100,000 subscribers.

In fact, Ofcom's 2018/2019 reports showed that Plusnet customers experienced the longest call wait times - coming close to seven minutes - and a higher percentage of customer calls were ended before they had even made it through to an advisor. However, Plusnet ranked the highest when it came to the reliability of service, and was a close second for customer satisfaction.

Broadband Genie's data was collected between April 3 and April 29 this year, surveying 2,718 people. It roped in a polling company to survey an additional 2,000 broadband customers between March 26 and April 4, for a total of 4,718 broadband bill payers' opinions.

"Plusnet has been delivering high-quality service for many years and once again achieved great results across all areas, with exceptional performance in customer service," said Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie. “However the survey does show an area for improvement for all ISP’s. Value for money is a particular weak spot, with all providers scoring considerably lower in this category - despite good results in other areas.”