Of Course Pornhub Saw a Spike in Star Wars Searches on May 4th

By Tom Pritchard on at

I imagine that Star Wars is quite a popular search term on the porn sites throughout the year. It's been around (and popular) for decades, and there are also those scenes of Princess Leia in a golden bikini that have united generations of horny nerds and non-nerds alike. So it shouldn't be shocking that the annual Star Wars day (May 4th) saw a spike in Star Wars-related searches on Pornhub.

Of course an entire day dedicated to Star Wars means there are bound to be plenty of people who decide that's the perfect opportunity to spice up their weekend alone time by heading off to a galaxy far far away. Or simply looking for a porn star who decided to dress up in the golden bikini for clicks. As it turned out last year Pornhub experienced a 748 per cent increase in Star Wars searches.

And that's not a fluke, either. In 2017 that figure was 1,048 per cent, and in 2016 it was 633 per cent. Naturally, like last year, Princess Leia remains the most popular search by a considerable amount.

'Star Wars Rey' saw a jump up quite a few places as well, jumping over 'Star Wars Parody' and 'Star Wars XXX' - though they still seem to remain pretty popular. 'Ashsoka Tano' (from Clone Wars and Rebels) has jumped up a couple of spaces, while 'Star Whores' has fallen. Clearly people have lost interest in really lazy parody names. Or perhaps they forgot to look for it. The masses managed to spell her name correctly this year too.

Interestingly the younger types are more likely to look for Star Wars related terms, which seems a bit off. I'd have thought the middle aged people would be more inclined to look for people dressed up like that woman they saw wearing very little in one of their favourite childhood films. But hey ho, maybe they're too busy watching Return of the Jedi on repeat to think of looking for that same outfit on a porn site.

And of course the dudes are more likely to go looking. Porn has always been the dude's domain, and not even Kylo Ren's topless scene can bring more ladies into the fold. Assuming they like Adam Driver's weirdly-smooth chest, and aren't already there hoping to catch a glimpse of Carrie Fisher they missed the last few hundred times.