Quality Street Has Good News for Your Teeth

By Gary Cutlack on at

More stress and upheaval is about to enter our lives thanks to Nestle, which is reformulating the box content of its Quality Street perennial gifting treat. As if we haven't got enough to be worried about. In short, the sweet known as "Toffee Deluxe," or the really hard one that routinely destroys the expensive dentistry of the elderly consumer typically over Christmas when all the dentists are closed, has gone.

It's being replaced by one of those modern things that combines one type of chocolate with another, with the Nestle taste scientists introducing the "Chocolate Caramel Brownie" in round/blue wrapping in place of the chewy brown parcel. Nestle's probably hoping this kicks off a sort of social media scandal like the ones Heinz gets when it pretends it's cancelling Salad Cream, or when Dairylea says it's going to start selling cheese spread by the parallelogram rather than the triangle.

The strategy is working, as Nestle is currently dealing with distraught shoppers on social media, who may or may not be pretending to be upset in the hope of getting a free box in the post. [Twitter via Metro]

Image credit: Kev's Snack Reviews