Report: The Next Batman Movie Might Already Have Its Villains

By Julie Muncy on at

Alongside news of the Rescue Rangers film, the Hollywood Reporter dropped one more bombshell last night, in the form of a well-sourced rumour about the future of Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie: in particular, its villains.

According to the report, Reeves is still working on his script, but it’s said to have, at this stage of development, at least two villains: The Penguin and another mystery villain. Catwoman is also rumoured to play a role in the story, though whether it’s as a villain or something more complicated is not known.

The Penguin hasn’t seen a big-screen adaptation since Batman Returns in the early nineties, so he would make an interesting choice. Though it’d also be lovely to see a villain or two we’ve never seen before.

The Batman is roughly scheduled for a 2021 release, and Robert Pattinson is apparently in the lead for the headline role.

Featured image: Warner Bros.