Royal Mail to Restart Second Daily Delivery Runs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The postmen and postwomen and postpeople of the nation will soon start coming around for a second time later in the day, like they used to do in the olden days, to help cope with our modern demand for loads of exciting parcels to be delivered as soon as possible.

This later run should be fully operational by 2023, and will see the vans turning out again to cope with demand for the "next day" parcels we've decided we can't live without at 11:30pm, plus any bigger items that might've clogged up the usual morning letter runs. This should mean that a next day order placed in the evening stands a good chance of actually getting there on the next calendar day, loosening the order placement time cutoffs we currently see.

Royal Mail says the need for this second run is fuelled by a trend for "smartphone night shopping" that's increased by 33 per cent over the last year, as we sit there, too sad to go to sleep because we don't want to wake up and another day of the same thing to start, trying to find things to buy and have delivered so there is at least something to look forward to in the near future. A box of 48 Twixes is coming on Tuesday, for example. So let's at least carry on until Tuesday. Things will be better when the man brings the Twixes.

The company explained: "The separate processing and delivery of Next Day and larger items will generate a reduction for Royal Mail in the cost of handling parcels, including small items. It will make it easier for postmen and women to deliver their usual round as heavy, bulky items will no longer be in their mailbag." [Royal Mail]