Royaume-Uni Retrospectively Drops Five Points to Lose Eurovision Even More

By Gary Cutlack on at

The annual ritual humiliation of the UK that unfolds live on TV screens across Europe has placed a small cherry of humiliation atop the massive cake of humiliation we were served on Saturday, as the UK's score at Eurovision has now been revised further downwards.

Obviously this means UK entrant Michael Rice remains in last place, only now he's a bit more last than he was at the end of the live event at the weekend. Five points have been stripped from the UK's score after it was found that an incorrect estimated aggregate result was used to generate a representative set of votes from the Belarusian jury; because the actual Belarusian jury was dismissed for allowing their semi-final scores to be revealed ahead of time.

Rice shall therefore go down in history for scoring 11 points instead of 16 at the 2019 song contest. But he'll always be last to us, in our hearts. [Eurovision via BBC]