Foldy Phone Maker Royole May Also Be Making Weird-Looking Foldy Wearables

By Shabana Arif on at

Chinese manufacturer Royole, creator of the world's first commercial foldable phone, could be dipping its toe into foldable wearbles according to patents discovered by LetsGoDigital.

The folded form factor looks pretty much the same as a regular smartwatch, but the display can be unfolded to reveal a screen that appears to be triple the size.

Interestingly, it's powered by a flexible battery housed in the strap, and the display utilises a touchscreen.

There are two patents that feature the same foldable screen but they have two different types of bands.

The patents were filed in 2017 and their existence doesn't necessarily mean we'll ever see this tech come to light.

Nubia has also been pursuing innovative new ways to approach smartwatches. The Alpha is a fairly massive device with a four inch screen and gesture recognition.

Tom gave it a whirl at MWC 2019 back in February and you can read more about it and take a look at it in action right here. [TechRadar]