Samsung Shares What It Plans to Do to Fix the Galaxy Fold

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung has elaborated on its plans to fix its bungled foldable phone that was plagued with issues when it was in the hands of reviewers. Reports of messed up screens were rife while the hinge had its own share of problems with a gap sizeable enough to let in all kinds of gubbins. It's a pretty big design flaw.

The new plan is to tuck the protective layer on the screen into the device so that it can't be peeled off, which is what a number of reviewers were doing, noting that it wasn't made clear enough that they shouldn't interfere with it. Samsung reiterated that it would find a more effective way to tell consumers to leave it alone, following on from its initial statement last month.

According to the company, it's also going to reduce the size of the hinge gap to prevent crap from funnelling down there. The phone was rushed to market in an effort to be the first manufacturer with a foldable handset, but by steaming ahead in spite of these rather obvious issues, Samsung has well and truly buggered itself.

It's not the first time the Korean company has had a PR disaster on its hands. Who could forget the exploding Galaxy Note 7s that were so volatile that the return boxes for the device were fireproof.

Samsung hasn't offered a revised launch date on the Galaxy Fold, but it's still determined to have it be a thing, so fingers crossed it gets its act together. [Pocket-Lint]