Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Get a New UK Release Date Very Soon

By David Bash on at

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, an incredible if unfinished feat of phone engineering could finally be getting a new release date. The exact reason for Samsung's rush to market with the Fold is not known, but one might assume it has something to do with Sammy wanting to be the first big phone maker to get a big, proper folding smartphone to market. The plan backfired, however, when reviewers, influencers and partners who had received a review device started reporting issues with the phone, including a particularly damning review of the hardware by tech destroyers iFixit (since deleted).

The original review contained a few issues taken with the phone, including:

  • OLED screens being really fragile, and "prone to complete screen failure rather than localised damage"
  • Whacking great holes in the architecture of the phone, letting dust and debris into the hinge and behind the screen. "These are some of the biggest ingress points I’ve seen on a modern phone," says Lionheart
  • The aforementioned "screen protector" issue
  • Humans folding and unfolding the display in different ways that put pressure on the screen, and weren't tested by the robots folding the phone uniformly in Samsung's tests
  • The lack of a pre-scored fold line down the centre of the display to ensure it folds cleanly and always in the same way.

The handset felt rushed, and not particularly well tested.

After the reports, Samsung pulled the initial release plans and issued a new release date along with a confirmation of the issues and delays the phone was experiencing. A few days ago during an earnings call, Samsung again repeated the message that the phone would soon receive a new release date. A show of confidence, perhaps? Or desperate damage control?

Samsung still have not confirmed an exact date, saying instead that a new release date will be announced in "the coming weeks". For now there's not much to do except wait. []