The Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker is Still Happening

By Shabana Arif on at

Samsung announced the Galaxy Home back in August last year, and nine months later, we're still waiting for the Bixby-powered smart speaker to make its debut. But don't give up hope just yet – it's still coming out. Eventually.

SamMobile has reportedly spoken to a source close to Samsung who claims that the company is finishing up the final touches for companion app that consumers will be able to use to set up the speakers, manage settings, and use Bixby services (via Pocket-Lint).

The Galaxy Home was revealed alongside the Galaxy Note 9, but the fact that Samsung is sticking to its guns and rolling it out with Bixby rather than switching to Android isn't really a selling point.

There has been some speculation that Samsung ditched the speaker altogether after Samsung CEO DJ Koh told CNET it would have an April launch, and it failed to materialise.

A cheaper version of the speaker was also confirmed to be on the way earlier this year, but we've got scant details on that, and Samsung should probably focus on getting out its flagship smart speaker before releasing the budget version.