Samsung Galaxy Note 10: More Details Leaked Ahead of This Summer's Reveal

By Shabana Arif on at

Thanks to a leak on Twitter by a source with a proven track record, we've picked up a few more crumbs on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S11. But be warned, if you're hungry for some juicy details, there just aren't any at the moment, but we'll take whatever we can get.

@UniverseIce has confirmed that the codename for the Samsung Galaxy S11 is Picasso, which seems fitting, given that the codename for the Note 10 is Da Vinci. Earlier this month, the company unveiled its two new camera sensors allowing for 48MP and 64MP resolution, so we may see these present in next year's flagship from Samsung. Further details on the device are thin on the ground.

There's a bit more going around when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 however, with UniverseIce saying the "two biggest changes" - presumably from the Galaxy Note 9 - will be the positioning of the front and rear cameras, adding that they're not a fan of the new arrangement. Apparently the "camera hardware" will be the same, so if it's the Note 9 we're comparing it to, then we can expect 12-MP dual rear cameras and an 8-MP front camera.

One user speculated that the camera layout will be vertical, rather than horizontal, to which UniverseIce responded with a tick, which we're taking to mean a resounding yes. The handset will also feature UFS 3.0 storage like the OnePlus 7 Pro.

According to a report last month, there are two model numbers for the Galaxy Note 10, indicating two different models. And both handsets will be available in 5G variants, making a total of four options overall.

And that's everything we've managed to scrape together on Samsung's upcoming Note smartphones so far. There's still time between now and August for more tidbits to shake loose so we'll keep feeding you any tasty morsels we dig up before the Note 10 reveal. [TechRadar]