Scotland's Plastic Bottle Return Levy Set at 20p

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scottish MPs have outlined plans for the first of the new wave of bottle deposit schemes to hit the UK, with a refundable bottle return fee of 20p to be added to the cost of every plastic bottle when the system launches in Scotland.

It'll cover glass too, and cans, and most plastic bottles, but large families will be disappointed to hear it won't cover the massive pale white milk jugs of the nation, as these, and their HDPE plastic, although fully recyclable, are going to be left to householders to sort out between themselves and the council as has always been the way since a pint stopped being enough milk. PET-based fizz and water bottles are the main target here.

MSP and environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham said the detail of the "return to retail" deposit scheme requires all shops, even the little one you only buy vodka, the local newspaper and a Bounty from to take part, with any vessel above 50ml to attract the 20p price hike when the deposit fee is put in place. A mixture of new technologies (reverse vending machines) and the old (big recycling bags) are to be used. [BBC]

Image credit: Reverse Vending