Soon You'll be Able to Use Apple Pay on the London Underground Without Verifying Every. Single. Time

By Tom Pritchard on at

The great thing about London's transport network, aside from the fact it's got excellent coverage, is that you can pop in and out with contactless payments. Cards, phones, wacky overpriced wearable accessories, you name it. The issue so far is that some of them, particularly Apple Pay, are a real stickler for verification. So instead of tapping your phone on the pad, you also have to verify yourself one way or another.

It's a massive pain, to be honest, but the good news is that you won't have to suffer the annoyed tuts from people behind you as you try and get FaceID to work properly. That's because Apple Pay Express Transit is coming to London's transport network.

We wouldn't blame you if you haven't heard of this, because so far this feature has only been available in a handful of cities like New York. Simply put, it means you can use Apple Pay to pay for London transport without having to wake or unlock your device. Most importantly this means you don't need to do any sort of authentication, which should make getting through the barriers much, much easier. The people behind you will be grateful, and won't silently wish they could kill you either.

A timeline for Express Transit's rollout hasn't been set, but TfL has been telling people on Twitter than it's been talking with Apple and plans to get everything sorted "in the coming months". [The Verge via MacRumours]