Tesco Mobile's Letting You Use Clubcard Vouchers Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every time you shop at Tesco you can earn points on your Clubcard, which can be redeemed as vouchers to spend in Tesco or elsewhere. You could also earn points with Tesco Mobile, accumulating them every time you pay your bill, but you couldn't spend them there. Well that's changing.

Tesco Mobile has announced that customers will now be able to use Clubcard vouchers with the supermarket network. Tesco Mobile has been added to the rewards scheme, and means you can convert your Clubcard vouchers into Tesco Mobile Partner vouchers that are apparently worth double what you were getting before. Once that's done the vouchers can be spent on your monthly bill or any Tesco Mobile SIM only tariff.

You can convert your Clubcard vouchers on the Clubcard app or website, then spend them on whatever you like. If you have a Tesco Mobile account, and have some Clubcard vouchers sitting around doing nothing, you might as well. Those extra doughnuts you were thinking of adding to the weekly shop can come out your savings.