Tesco is Stocking New Twists on Classic English Biscuits and They're Wild

By Shabana Arif on at

Tesco has done the unthinkable by revamping its custard creams biscuits, while Burton's Biscuits joins the supermarket giant in its spiral into madness by changing up its Jammie Dodgers.

Down is up, up is down, custard creams are pink, and Jammie Dodgers are square. There must be something in the water because two of our favourite classic English biscuits have been dunked into the teas of change and have come out looking revitalised – and just a bit weird.

Blogger Kevs Snacks Reviews spotted the new rhubarb and custard creams, and jam and yogurt Jammie Dodgers at his local Tesco (via Metro).

He described the rhubarb and custard creams as tasting "a little sour and tangy, but sweet and creamy enough to be inoffensive." It doesn't look like he's chowed down on the Jammie Dodgers quite yet.

Priced at 40p, the rhubarb and custard creams are cheap and cheerful, and won't have you lamenting too much if you p-p-pick up a pack and decide that you hate them.

Credit: Kevs Snacks Reviews, Instagram.

The square-shaped Jammie Dodgers jam and yogurt bars are £1.50 and each packet contains five duo packs. The product photo

Neither of the biscuits are in stock on Tesco's website, and it seems like they're not widely available at all Tesco supermarkets either, making them the holy grail of teatime snacks. We doubt they'll bestow eternal youth, but you'll have a belly full of biscuits and a satiated sweet tooth, which is clearly the better outcome.