Tesla UK Model 3 Priced From £38,050

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK Model 3 virtual showroom has gone online today, revealing that Tesla's official UK RRP for the supposedly affordable electric car is £38,050. That's for the cheap one with the lowest spec everything that only comes in black.

Officially known as the Standard Range Plus, the entry level £38k Model 3 is the single-motor variant with an official range estimate of 258 miles per charge. It's an extra £9,000 for the Long Range edition, which offers a maximum range for the light-footed driver of 348 miles, should the owner be able to restrain him or herself from testing the 4.5 second 0-60 acceleration claim every time they pull away. Add another nine grand to that and agree to pay £56,050 and you get the Performance model, which can apparently get up to 162mph should you happen to own a private air strip, have easy access to the wider sections of the autobahn, or fancy having it taken away from you by the police.

The only "free" paint job is black, with metallic colours adding at least £950 to the price, and red ones costing an extra £1,900, probably because of all the blood Elon has to donate to get together enough of the right shade of pigment. It's also an additional £950 to have a white interior, and a whacking great £4,900 more to add the "Full Self Driving Computer" to any of the models. With the caveat that this "Full Self Driving Computer" does not, at present, do anything even remotely like fully drive. The first machines being specced up today should arrive with their happy tech car owner dudes in June. [Tesla]