These Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Toys Are Adorable and Heartbreaking

By Germain Lussier on at

The Russo brothers may think Avengers: Endgame spoilers are fair game starting next week, but toy companies disagree.

Today, both Hasbro and Funko released images of toys based on some of the movie’s most spoiler-filled moments and they range from adorable to sad, and everywhere in between. Only continue if you’ve seen the movie.

First up, here are the Hasbro items, which will be available at various times between now and the fall.

Here’s the “Electronic Gauntlet,” which is a slight variation on the Gauntlet Tony Stark develops for the Avengers.

Electronic Gauntlet. Image: Hasbro

Here’s a two pack of Iron Man and Rescue, aka Pepper Potts. This is where the sad comes in because they only get a few moments to kick ass together before Tony, well, you know. Dies.

Iron Man and Rescue two-pack. Image: Hasbro

You can’t have an electronic gauntlet without the man who first wielded it, so here’s Hulk complete with the fancy glove. We would’ve loved to see some more of this.

Infinity Hulk two-pack. Image: Hasbro

Next up is Valkyrie. This isn’t necessarily a spoiler since she survived the Snap—but some people didn’t know that. Anyway, she looks badass.

Valkyrie Titan Hero. Image: Hasbro
And here are the Funkos:

THICC THOR IN FULL EFFECT. Well, kind of. He still looks relatively skinny in this pop, but we like the sentiment.

Pepper Potts as Rescue.

An FYE exclusive Thor with both hammers and braided beard.

Hulk with electronic gauntlet, now properly red.

The one downside to those Pops is that Thor should have been a little bigger, don’t you agree? He looks like his old self, just with the Big Lebowski look. Even so, it’s pretty great. Those are all “coming soon” as are, we assume, several more based on the movie.

What spoiler toys do you want to see now that Endgame is out? I know I will 100 per cent buy a Hot Toys Iron Man with the Gauntlet. That’s an insta-purchase, if the company makes one.