UK Defence Secretary Fired for Huawei 5G Plan Leaks

By David Bash on at

Gavin Williamson has been dismissed as defence secretary following "compelling evidence" that indicated he was the one to leak information from a national security council meeting.

The leak detailed the government's plan to grant Huawei limited access to help develop the UK's impending 5G network. A pretty controversial plan in a climate where the US has accused Huawei of being funded by Chinese State Security.

Huawei has received some mixed press of late. Of course you have the whole Chinese State Security thing, but they also donated a bunch of phones to the RSPCA so that they could take better pictures of adoptable critters. Aw. They also made the absolutely brilliant P30 Pro.

Williamson on the other hand, is a key player in conservative circles, and apparently used to keep a tarantula on his desk as some kind of weird power move. Okay then.

In a meeting with Williamson, Theresa May told him she had been provided with "compelling evidence" that he was the one responsible for the leak. A follow up letter of dismissal reiterated the Prime Minister's position, saying "no other, credible version of events to explain this leak has been identified."

Williamson denied the whole thing of course. "I did not leak this - I would not have leaked this," he told the Prime Minister. In fact, according to Sky News defence and security correspondent Alistair Bunkall, Williamson swore on his children's lives that he was not responsible for the leak, and that the whole thing is a big conspiracy.

Vendetta or not, Williamson for now seems content to vehemently defend his innocence in the matter.

Featured image: REUTERS/Simon Dawson