Vandalised Model Railway Club Pulls in Enough Donations to Launch Mainline Franchise

By Gary Cutlack on at

You may have seen Market Deeping Model Railway Club in the news over the weekend, after some of those "youths" we are routinely menaced by broke into the club's hall and smashed up an entire installation of scores of people's beloved model rail lines and miniature trains.

Club chairman Peter Davies said of the damage, pictured above: "Models that were made over years were trodden on and thrown around. It's a total wanton destruction of the highest order. I've never experienced anything like it. A hurricane would have done less damage." The police caught the perpetrators in the act so they're going to get it. But that's not the entirety of the good news.

There's been a further metaphorical hurricane spotted in Market Deeping, only this is one made of love and it has dumped out a whole year's worth of goodwill in just a few hours on the club's JustGiving page, which was set up with the modest ambition of raising £500 from locals to cover some small parts of the damage. The reparation fund currently sits on a whacking great total of £50,897 at time of hurriedly bashing these words into the content management system, a 10,179 per cent increase on the hoped for target. They will rebuild, and have enough money left over to launch a full-size heritage line linking Market Deeping to Peterborough. [JustGiving via BBC]