Vodafone's 5G Deals are Available Right Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week EE announced its would be launching 5G on 30th May, alongside news that it would be carrying four 5G-ready phones and two router devices. Today Vodafone has followed suit and revealed which devices will be available when its services launch on 3rd July. There's the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, and Vodafone's own 5G Gigacube router.

The Mi Mix 3 5G is available to buy right now, while the Galaxy S10 5G is available to pre-order ready for a 7th June release. Unlike EE which seems content flogging some 4G-only deals alongside 5G(which seems like a ridiculous idea), Vodafone's contracts are all labelled 5G ready suggesting you'll be able to connect to the new networks when they're switched on.

Now onto the deals themselves. The Galaxy S10 5G has a special pre-order offer on right now, and means deals start at £58 a month with £149 upfront. That only comes with 5GB of data, sadly, alongside unlimited calls and texts. The most expensive is £77 a month, with £49 upfront, and since it's a Red Entertainment plan comes with 24 months of Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV, or Sky Sports Mobile.

The cheapest Red Entertainment Plan is £69 a month (with £99 upfront) and comes with 25GB of data, though if you forgo the subscription you can get 60GB of data for £1 more. The added benefit is that you only have to pay £49 upfront too, which cancels out the extra monthly cost.

Being a Xiaomi the Mi Mix 3 5G is obviously a bit cheaper, and deals start at £50 a month (with £99 upfront) for the 5GB contract. The priciest will cost you £69 a month (with £49 upfront) and comes with 100GB plus the 24 month Red Entertainment subscription of your choice. The cheapest Red Entertainment is £61 a month for 25GB, but the upfront cost is only £49. Ditching Red Entertainment again ups the data to 60GB for £1 a month more, but the upfront cost remains the same £49 this time around.

There are no plans for the Gigacube right now, and Vodafone simply has it down as 'coming soon'. Presumably it won't be launching until after the 5G networks go live, but we can see what the prices are going to be. At the start of the launch anyway. Four 18 month plans are available offering various amounts of monthly data. 60GB costs £35 a month, 100GB costs £30, 200GB costs £50, and 300GB costs £60. And 300GB is what, three 4K video games? Honestly I think I'll stick to my unlimited fixed-line broadband. Not that I'll be getting 5G where I live anytime soon.

30-day rolling plans are available as well, and the only difference in the cost is you have to pay £100 upfront. The monthly cost and data allowances are the same.