We Now Know Pretty Much Everything About Google's New Pixel 3a Range

By David Bash on at

Well, it happened. Any smidgen of mystery that once surrounded Google's upcoming Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL has now vanished.

Droid Life yesterday posted an extensive detailing of the phones, giving us a look at model colours (black, white and purple if you were wondering), features and even promo materials that will accompany the phone's launch.

The purple-ish one. Image: Droid Life

As for features, the leak lists an "extraordinary" camera, Google's Night sight tech on board, fast charging, and unlimited Google Photos storage. We can apparently expect 5.6" and 6.0" displays for the 3a and XL respectively, 12.2MP Dual Pixel cameras, 8MP front cameras, 3,000mAh (3a) and 3,700mAh (XL) batteries, squeeze sensors, rear fingerprint readers and Android 9.0 Pie as standard.

Image: Droid Life

Is it just us or is all this starting to sound a little expensive? Well, apparently it won't be. This is Tech Today posted a video that claimed Google's new phones will be in the region of $399 ( £305, UK price TBA) for the 3a and $479 ( £366, UK price TBA) for the XL. Depending on how the UK pricing ends up looking, we would say that is a solidly mid-range phone price.

By the way, these phones that we now may know almost everything about seem set to make an appearance at Google's I/O 2019 keynote on May 7th, though at this point it all seems a bit redundant.

Featured image: Droid Life