Welsh Record Shop Bans Morrissey

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cardiff's Spillers Records, which has a legitimate claim on being the oldest record shop in the world and is therefore afforded the luxury of having an opinion that should be listened to, has pulled all of Morrissey's recordings from sale due to the way the singer appears to be embracing the far-right with a bare chest and ever more welcoming arms these days.

Morrissey didn't even have to open his mouth to look like a bit of a racist this time, as the latest episode of Morrissey's Questionable Opinions Kerfuffle kicked off when he was seen wearing a For Britain pin badge during a US talk show performance. For Britain's manifesto says it want to "preserve traditional British liberties" by, and we are paraphrasing a bit here, stopping the foreign people coming in so much.

Spillers' current owner Ashli Todd said: "I'm saddened but ultimately not surprised that Spillers is unable to stock Morrissey's releases any longer. I only wished I'd done it sooner."

Members of For Britain are still listening to Suedehead on repeat without guilt though, as its operators are so happy to have at least one person openly being a fan that the party has set up a specific Morrissey page, thanking him for his support, fawning in the hope of a meet & greet plus front row tickets to a gig he won't cancel and a shirt-off stage invasion cuddle, while also trying to sell more of the badges he wore. [Wales Online]