WhatsApp is No Longer Going to Be an Ad-Free Safe Haven as of Next Year

By Shabana Arif on at

You may have thought your private messaging service was safe from the scourge of the internet, but ads are coming to WhatsApp's statuses next year, and they look just as annoying and obtrusive as you think.

WhatsApp's status feature is basically the same as Instagram and Facebook stories, and they'll soon be plagued by adverts, because why create a private messaging app for people to use with their friends if you can't shoehorn a load of bloated bullshit in there that they're already bombarded by on almost every other platform? Seems perfectly sensible, and I'm sure everyone will love it.

The details were announced at the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, and social media industry commentator and consultant, Matt Navarra, shared photos from the presentation demonstrating what the new addition will look like. So get excited for this.

Obnoxious adverts are insidiously worming their way into almost every corner of social media it seems. There was even a time when Instagram was ad-free. The Facebook owned platforms have had their fair share or security and outage issues, leading millions of users to flock to Telegram, and in the wake of this WhatsApp news, people on Twitter are encouraging a mass exodus to the platform once again.

Twitter hasn't escaped unscathed either. It already hosts ads, but Bloomberg reports that the sudden increase in ads you may have been subjected to on the platform is the result of a new experiment.

"We are always running experiments with our ad experience, including with the various aspects of ad frequency and targeting,” said a statement from the company, with a spokeswoman confirming that Twitter Inc. is specifically tinkering with its ad load - which means more ads in some users' feeds. She didn't elaborate on how many accounts are being affected or how long it will continue. [Pocket-lint]