Zavvi Tells Entire Mailing List They've Won VIP Champions League Tickets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Online media retailer Zavvi has just had a massive head-in-hands-GIF moment, thanks to an email mix-up that saw the company inform its entire registered customer base that they had each won a VIP trip to go to the all-England Champions League final in Madrid.

Of course the idea was to tell just one person, the actual winner, and not everyone who has an email on file with the firm. Zavvi and sponsor Mastercard ran the competition that offered an all-expenses paid trip to see the two last-gasp English winners battle for the ultimate annual EU football prize, with the way too many winner announcements going out late on May 8.

Social media lit up with comments from these short-term "winners" after the shop erroneously told everyone they'd won, before Zavvi apologised for "technical issues" and rescinded all the prize offers but one. The rather paltry replacement offer for those who had their prize offers taken away? A 15 per cent discount code for use on the site. There are a few football DVDs for sale on there at least.

Mastercard is sad that its name has been tarnished by Zavvi's IT department, with a spokesperson saying: "We are extremely disappointed with today's events and our sympathies go to the many people who were wrongly contacted by Zavvi in connection to their competition. We have asked Zavvi to clarify how they are resolving as a matter of urgency." [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter