Amazon Prime Day's Start Date Has Leaked Again

By Tom Pritchard on at

Not content with Black Friday or any of the other shopping-centric holidays, Amazon has been doing its own Prime Day for a while now. Because what better way to get people spending money on your products than a special day of deals nobody else is doing? The start date is usually a closely guarded secret, though a previous leak suggested it would kick off on 15th July. Well now here's been another leak suggesting we may be in store for something more like Prime Week, rather than Prime Day.

Prime Day is already a bit of a misnomer, because last year's sales went on for over 36 hours instead of the standard 24. But T3 received an email from a PR company confirming it will be discounting its products from 12th-19th July. Sadly for bargain hunters, and good for those of us that have to curate all the deals, the firm in question confirmed that there won't be a Prime Week. Instead they're just discounting their products for the week containing Prime Day.

But if one company is opting for a discounted pseudo-Prime Week it seems likely other might as well - even if the majority of the deals are part of the official Prime Day 'celebrations'. It seems likely that Prime Day will kick off on 15th July for a number of reasons. One is that we've already heard leaks claiming this is the case, and Prime Day sales generally start on a Monday anyway. Couple that with the aforementioned email to T3, Monday 15th is the obvious choice.

That's less than a month away, so it shouldn't be long until Amazon actually comes out and tells us itself.