Amazon Rides in to Save the High Street it Previously Destroyed in Series 2, Episode 6

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon has seen an opportunity for growth in the UK, seeing as rents are cheap out there on the high street beneath decaying signs that say things like "Maplin" and "BHS," and is backing the opening of 10 pop-up shops to test the public's appetite for carrying their new stuff home with them like in the old days.

The series of "Clicks and Mortar" chains starts with one in Manchester that opens today, with the online retail giant saying it's preparing another nine across the UK, with help from small business support network Enterprise Nation, in Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and somewhere in the south east.

The idea is being pitched as some do-gooding by Amazon to support small retailers who only sell online at the moment, as these sellers will get their first experience of stocking things in what is known as a "shop" for people to look at and hopefully buy without stressing about being home for it to be delivered, as buyers may literally take it home with them. Amazon Instant, they could call it. Amazon Take It With You.

Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation bizarrely described this as a "new concept" in retail, as if local shops have never existed before, and said: "This new concept will provide small businesses with the space, technology and support to experience physical retail for the first time, while enabling customers to discover new brands on their local high streets." [MEN]