Amazon's Prime Day Sale is Now Two Days Long, Kicks off on 15th July

By Tom Pritchard on at

So it looks like Amazon's Prime Day is set to be a little bit more of a misnomer than normal this year. Instead of the usual 36 hour sales window, which is already longer than the standard definition of what a day is, Amazon has just announced that this year's sales will actually be going on for a full 48 hours. Oh, and as expected it's set to kick off on Monday 15th July.

There had already been some speculation about how long the Prime Day sales would last this year, with some unnamed companies supposedly opting to keep their discounts running for a full week. But while Amazon itself isn't going to far as to try its hand at Prime Week, clearly the usual 36 hour window isn't good enough anymore. Much like how Black Friday sales haven't been limited to a single day for the past few years.

We don't know what's likely to be discounted by most companies, though experience tells us that Amazon will be knocking many pounds off its own devices. After all the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot were last year's best sellers, and with all the new devices that have joined the line-up there's plenty of choice. Plus there will no doubt be all sorts of other stuff you may or may not need, but can't resist saving a few quid on.

Everything kicks off on the UK as the clock passes midnight on 15th July, and will continue until the 16th becomes the 17th. Just make sure you have your Prime Membership ready, or you'll be stuck paying full price like some sort of non-Prime having dork. Of course you won't have to sift through them all yourself, because that's our job. So make sure to check back and find out what discounts you can get on all the best tech.