Amazon's Prime Same-Day Delivery Grocery Service for Now Includes More Cities

By Shabana Arif on at

Following its initial 2016 launch, AmazonFresh - a same day grocery delivery service in conjunction with Morrisons - is adding more cities to its list of eligible locations.

The service first opened to Prime members in North and East London, before rolling out in Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham. For an extra £6.99 on top of your existing Prime fees, you can get fresh produce delivered in a one-hour delivery slot on the same day you place your order. Pretty handy. Now Prime members in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Portsmouth can get in on the action.

Amazon extending its delivery locales is good news for Morrisons, who has been acting as the online retailer's supplier for Pantry and Prime Now food deliveries. With the expansion of services, the supermarket will now become a retailer on Amazon’s Prime Now website and app, with ‘Morrisons at Amazon’.

“We are committed to growing our grocery business so that we can continue to deliver what we know our customers will always care about – low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery – and our relationship with Morrisons is an important part of that long-term growth," said Doug Gurr, Amazon UK country manager. "With the Morrisons store on Prime Now, many Prime members can do their full weekly grocery shop online through Prime Now with ultra-fast same day delivery." [Amazon]