And Here's the Final Bingo Card for the WWDC Keynote

By Tom Pritchard on at

So here we are at the end of another WWDC keynote, which was far less excruciating than I expected. Possibly because we were playing bingo throughout the whole thing.

Sadly there were no winners in tonight's game of Apple Bingo, even though we got quite a few spaces. Obviously we'll have to try harder next time, or gerrymander all the most likely events into a single line.

As you can see the 'stolen Android features' and 'undeserved whooping' boxes got filled in pretty solidly. If you watched the livestream you'll know why. There was plenty of pointless whooping over dumb things (like a calculator watch app?) and lots of features that have been around on Android for yonks.

But WWDC never really counts as a proper Apple event. It's important, but it's certainly not the same as iPhone launch night. Once that rolls around in September/October we'll dust off the bingo card and have another go.