Apple Geniuses* Decide to Relaunch iOS for iPad as iPadOS

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple's annual developer conference is just about to kick off, and now some news has leaked right before the start of the keynote speech. It looks an awful lot like some geniuses* at Apple have decided to relaunch iOS for the iPad. It'll have a new name, which will inventively be 'iPadOS'.

We know this thanks to screenshots of Apple's developer downloads portal, which lists the iPad-centric operating system as a separate entity to regular-old iOS. You know the one for iPhones, iPod Touches, and nothing else. That suggests the iPad will be getting more independence from Apple's phone business, though the specifics aren't clear right now.

It also means Apple has *five* operating systems to contend with, which is too many. People criticised Microsoft for trying to make Windows an all-inclusive platform, but at least they didn't try and split everything up to this extent. Christ.

Thankfully there are only a few minutes to wait before we find out what's going on. [via Engadget]