The Best Fathers' Day Gifts for Geeky Dads

By Holly Brockwell on at

Us geeky types often have our parents to thank for getting us into cool stuff when we were little, and it's fun to pay that back with delightfully nerdy presents when the opportunity arises.

So here's our guide to the best Father's Day presents for your geeky old man, in plenty of time to order them for the 16th of June.

Game of Thrones Sigil Tankard, £54.99

If your dad is as sad about the end of Game of Thrones as the rest of us, he'll likely appreciate this badass tankard. It's made from resin and beautifully decorated with house sigils. A worthy vessel for his end-of-the-week beverage. [Buy it here]

Jam waterproof Bluetooth speaker, £14.99

It is a truth universally acknowledged that dads like to sing in the shower. Keep yours vaguely on-pitch with this Bluetooth speaker that can be hung up or stuck to the bathroom wall. [Buy it here]

Commodore 64 Mini, £69.99 (should have been £64)

If your dad was a gamer in the early 80s (and do check, so you don't accidentally insult his age), this might just be the perfect present. A new remake of the classic console that has an HDMI connection and thus won't look rubbish on modern TVs. Includes 64 (geddit) amazing games that he'll remember from the glory days. [Buy it here]

Infinity Gauntlet dressing gown, £45

A comfy fleece dressing gown is peak dad, but this one adds some geek cred with its lovely shade of Thanos purple and Infinity Gauntlet sleeve. It's one-size-fits-most, so no worries about offending him by getting the wrong size (probably) and includes two pockets for Dad Stuff like random screws and the remote control. [Buy it here]

Stormtrooper gin, £49.99

Alcohol plus Star Wars, how could you go wrong? Well, your dad might not like gin, we guess, but in that case just get him a much-larger decanter on its own plus a bottle of something he does enjoy. If you go for the gin, you get two bottles: a London dry gin and a sloe gin. Which means there might well be enough for pops to share it with you. [Buy it here]

If Dad's a big Star Wars fan, you might also find some gift ideas on this post.

A Marvel-ous hoodie, £49.99

If your dad's more of a Marvel than a DC type, or he just really loved Into The Spider-Verse and Black Panther like the rest of us, you can't really go wrong with a merch hoodie. If these two wouldn't float his boat, there's a pretty big selection at Merchoid, including videogame styles and all the heroes you can throw a franchise at. [Buy them here]

KitSound Diggit garden speaker, £28

For gardener-dads, barbecuing dads, fishing dads and so on, this speaker-on-a-spike is an easy and fun way to add some tunes to outdoor pursuits. It's a good speaker in its own right, too: the Diggit gives out 360-degree audio with dual-opposing 5W drivers, lasts for up to 8 hours on a charge and is water-resistant to IP55. [Buy it here]

Anker Roav Dashcam, £69.99

If Pops is forever coming home with tales of outrageous driving and appalling overtakes, this camera will give him the proof he needs to... well, post it on Facebook, or something. Anker's dashcam gives sharp, wide-angle footage, includes two handy USB ports for the car, and doesn't cost too much -- although it might be one to go in on between siblings if it's out of your budget. You don't want to get a cheap one that fails just when some turd in a white van cuts him up on the ring-road. [Buy it here].

Cheese degrees chopping board, £14.99

Maths and engineering dads will enormously appreciate the opportunity to get really specific with their cheese triangles. It might not make them any better at cooking, but it'll definitely make the prep stage more fun. [Buy it here]

Barisieur tea and coffee alarm clock, £345

Yes, we choked on the price too, but if you're mega-rich and looking for a present for your Lord Father, this is pretty amazing. Like a science-y version of a Teasmade, it wakes him up with the wonderful smell of coffee brewing. As the retailer rightly notes, though, this isn't one to buy for someone who has cats or small humans. [Buy it here]

Smart chess board, £359

Another pricey choice, but we've put these two at the end with the assumption you all clicked away to the Marvel hoodies ages ago. My dad had a really 80s version of this: a plastic electronic board that pitted you against a virtual version of Garry Kasparov. You had to move the pieces yourself to the square it indicated, whereas this fancypants one does it for you. Oh, and it puts all the pieces back at the end, which is worth the price all by itself. It's got 20 levels of AI opponents and can also be used as a normal chessboard if you just, like, don't turn it on. [Buy it here]

None of those floating your boat? There's always...

Fathers' Day mystery box, £29.99

Firebox, as ever, is doing a Mystery Box for Fathers' Day which it says contains over £50 of stuff. It also says it's all-new content, but honestly if this isn't the first time you've bought dad a mystery box, you should probably work on your imagination. [Buy it here]

Main image: Barisieur