Boston Dynamics Is Flogging Its Robot Dogs Later This Year

By Shabana Arif on at

You know what's a great idea? Showering the general public with tech that can be easily abused if some plonker gets their hands on it, and the latest novelty to go up for sale is Boston Dynamics' quadruped robot.

Spot - which took its name from cute and cuddly dogs to make it more appealing - is the company's first commercial robot and will be available to buy in a matter of months.

“We’re just doing some final tweaks to the design,” said CEO Marc Raibert. “We’ve been testing them relentlessly.” Spot is being touted as a "mobility platform" and along with its robot arm and 3D cameras, can be used in all manner of applications. Like acting as a terrifying toy-dispenser for your dog.

Raibert went on to say that the company is "manufacturing them at a reasonably high rate for an early product," and is "aiming for 1,000 a year."

No indication has been given on the price, but it will apparently be "much less expensive than prototypes," as well as undercutting any other robot dogs on the market.

Hopefully we won't see anyone playing silly buggers to the extent we've seen with the availability of drones. It was only a few months ago that we saw a drone shut down an entire airport after all. [The Verge]