British Airways is Flogging a Pricey RFID Tag for Your Luggage in Case it Loses It

By Shabana Arif on at

In a ballsy move that takes the onus off airways to actually do their job and look after your luggage, British Airways has unveiled a digital tag that will ensure it finds its way back to you.

Touted as a device to simplify your check-in, forking out £80 for that privilege seems somewhat absurd. But for the peace of mind of knowing your suitcase will stay by your side - like Rincewind's Luggage but without the attitude - you could justify the cost. And what's more, it's not actually retailing at full price until October. You can grab yourself one for £63 between now and then.

The tag attaches to your suitcase like a regular luggage label, and you pop all of your personal data into the iOS or Android mobile app that you also need to make it function as intended. It's reusable but is limited to "over 3,000" uses, which I think is more than enough, even for regular flyers.

The RFID tag is only compatible with BA flights, so you'll have to weigh up the pros and cons of splurging £60 on a TAG. All uppercase.