Buying Drugs Through the Dark Net is on the Rise

By Gary Cutlack on at

The various clampdowns and crackdowns on the "dark net" of anonymous online retailers have clearly been massive failures, as the number of people buying illegal drugs online has doubled over the last five years.

That's according to the Global Drugs Survey, which warns that as well as getting poor quality or even entirely fake merchandise when buying online, the simple mechanics of having drugs put in the post means buyers are handing their identifying information over to criminals -- opening themselves up to potential blackmail.

The BBC spoke to one such unfortunate dark net drug purchaser called Liam, who was a bit miffed that his drug dealer didn't turn out to be a nice chap. He said: "I got a very angry and threatening message saying 'I've got your address' and threatening to either release it, show up there, or send something nasty. This was someone who was a crack and heroin seller."

The Global Drugs Survey says around 28 per cent of drug users in England now get their tablets and powders and assorted other illegal highs online. [BBC]