Can The Mac Pro Actually Grate Cheese?

By Tegan Jones on at

One of the biggest reveals of WWDC 2019 was the new Mac Pro.

And while the monster GPU, 3x simultaneous 8K stream capabilities 1.5TB RAM support and 1,400 watt power supply were impressive I guess, the defining feature of this absolute unit was definitely its aesthetic. It basically looks like a giant cheese grater.

So one internet hero decided to see how a replica Mac Pro chassis would actually go at actually grating cheese.

YouTuber Winston Moy took the time to recreate (and perfect) the design before building it out of aluminium.

After some tweaking to optimise the design and make it work properly in the real world - the Mac Pro cheese grater was ready to go.

Using a wedge of reportedly delicious pecorino romano as his test subject, Moy gives his creation a crack. Here's what happened.

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