Channel 4 Staff Would Rather Quit Than Move to Leeds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Channel 4's long-planned move out of London could leave the broadcaster struggling to find anyone to answer the telephones or do the social media scheduling up there in its new Leeds office, as as many as 90 per cent of its current staff are planning to take redundancy rather than face a new life in the new offices away from the capital.

Between 80 and 90 per cent of staff in some departments are thought to be opting for redundancy instead of Leeds, with the vacancies created expected to be filled in part by bringing in staff currently working for outside contractors. An uncapped redundancy deal that pays one month for every year of employment is encouraging the exodus, with the resulting bill adding to a total move cost of as much as £50m.

Another factor may be that the broadcaster's new home in the Majestic building is not yet complete, so any staff that do go up to Leeds will be working out of temporary offices until the end of 2020. [Guardian]