Deliveroo's Royal Meal Service Will Stuff Your Food Straight Through Your Letterbox

By Shabana Arif on at

Deliveroo is anticipating your post-festival comedown and is introducing a letterbox service so you can order online and not have to move until you hear the rattle and subsequent thud heralding the arrival of breakfast. lunch, or dinner.

At the moment, it's only in in a trial phase, and if you had visions of a 12-inch pizza getting stuffed through the hole in your front door, keep on dreaming. The Royal Meal service (an hilarious pun on Royal Mail, presumably) is currently limited to the delivery of Katsouris deli in Manchester which offers hot breakfast sandwiches. You can place your order, pop the kettle on, and brew a cuppa just in time to wash down your artisan sandwich.

“Our new delivery option means you’re treated like royalty, getting a meal without even uttering a word," said Deliveroo's Joe Groves, intuiting our desire to make it through the day without uttering a single word to another human being.

"We recognise that some people need a duvet day and to hide in the comfort of their own home, so Royal Meal will still give people what they want – delicious food! Our Royal Meal service is the food delivery of the future and we are excited to add this layer to our offering.” Preach!

"We’ll be the first restaurant in the UK to offer the Royal Meal service to Deliveroo customers, getting our food out to people when they need it most!" added Katsouris' Richard Katsourise. "We’ve all had times when we don’t fancy cooking and instead order in, but this new service means you don’t even have to answer the door.”

The service will be available from July 1, in Manchester, for a limited time. How limited? We haven't a clue, because it wasn't included in the press release. But now you'll be filled with a sense of urgency and the need to order at least one breakfast sandwich every day to make the most of it. And you'd be wise to do so.