Despite All the Problems, the 5G Galaxy Fold is Still Coming

By Tom Pritchard on at

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold back in February (!), we were told that there would be two different versions of the phone. One with 4G, that most people can use, and another with 5G that will be suitable for, like, five people. We haven't heard anything about the 5G model since, which shouldn't be a shock given all the shit Samsung has had to deal with the past couple of months. But it's still coming.

We know this because the phone has recently received all the relevant certifications for launch, and according to SamMobile some prototypes have been sent to Korean operators to test on their 5G networks. So while the future of the 4G Galaxy Fold is still a bit up in the air (or not, maybe, who the hell knows right now), the 5G one isn't completely dead in the water.

The 5G Galaxy Fold isn't entirely the same as the 4G model (5G aside), only offering support for a single SIM card and packing a smaller 4,235 mAh battery - compared to the 4G's 4,380 mAh. But other than that the phones are supposed to be identical, which presumably means the 5G model will have suffered from the same design faults that led to the 4G launch being delayed. So we still have no idea when this one will arrive either.

The Galaxy Fold was set to be an EE exclusive here in the UK, and it makes sense that the 5G model would be as well. Sadly we have no idea how much more it would likely cost. A lot, is my guess, since the 4G model was £1,800 SIM free, and 5G has proven to be anything but cheap. [SamMobile]