EE Fined for Spamming its Own Subscribers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile operator EE has been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office, for committing the crime of being overly chummy with its subscribers to the tune of 2.5m unsolicited text messages.

The messages were sent out by the network during 2018, with most being campaigns to get its users to upgrade their phones to enter a new locked-in state for a couple of years, and others merely advertising the existence of the EE app and all the lovely, empowering things it can probably do, were you to be bothered to download it and go through the hassle of signing in.

EE says it was working under the impression that its communications were Very Important Service Messages and should've been allowed, but the ICO deemed them to be little more than direct marketing -- so were therefore covered under its do not spam rules. Hence the £100,000 fine.

EE has said that it is sorry, but also that it remains "...committed to ensuring our customers are fully aware of their options throughout the life of their contract" so... it might carry on doing it. But maybe in a more serious tone. [BBC]