EE's New Home Broadband Plans Include Apple TV 4K and BT Sport

By Shabana Arif on at

EE is getting the news out about its broadband today, be it the new 5G mobile broadband options with the HTC 5G Hub, or its home broadband plans that include Apple TV 4K and BT Sport.

If you're an EE Pay Monthly mobile customer, you can sign up for the new range of home broadband plans that include Apple TV 4K and BT Sport from £37 a month, and what's more, you'll get multi-screen BT Sport access.

"This is an attractive bundle that will resonate with consumers. Furthermore they can now access a wide range of TV services from one place," said PP Foresight tech analyst, Paolo Pescator. "Combine this offering with 5G connectivity down the line then it becomes even more compelling.”

The 18-month package is only available for EE pay monthly customers, or those of you on a SIM-only 12 or 24 month mobile plan. If you do decide to go for a standard or fibre home broadband deal with EE, you'll get a free 5GB data boost to your mobile plan every month, which shoots up to 20GB for those of you who opt for Fibre Max broadband.