Engineers OK Switching Our Gas Grid to Hydrogen

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Institution of Engineering and Technology has been tasked with investigating the possibility of eliminating natural gas from our heating and cooking systems, and yes, they say we could switch to hydrogen without having to dig up and replumb the nation, drastically reducing the UK's burnt-stuff output in time for 2050's net-zero carbon target date.

There is just the one enormous problem; such a vast quantity of hydrogen needs to be created by... burning natural gas. But the way this process could be centralised means that a future carbon capture initiative could lock-up the CO2 used to create commercial-grade hydrogen, theoretically making it a vastly cleaner option than gas if piped into the existing home supply grid.

The IET's Dr Robert Sansom said: "To make a significant contribution to meeting the UK's 2050 carbon reduction target the transition to hydrogen would need to be implemented over the next 30 years. This may seem a long time but in terms of the infrastructure required and millions of homes and businesses affected it is relatively short." [IET via Business Green]