Following News That Jony Ive is Leaving, Apple Stock Loses Billions

By Victoria Song on at

Within an hour of Apple announcing that Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, is leaving to form his own design company, Apple saw around $9 billion wiped from its market cap. The money men aren’t happy.

Now in the world of fickle stocks, Apple’s considered a relatively stable and good buy. Hell, $9 billion is only a 1 per cent drop. (It’s, of course, also $9 billion.) Plus, it’s not like Ive is really going anywhere. Reports are saying his new design firm, LoveFrom, will still count Apple among its clients. Also, when was the last time Ive has really done anything? He’s been enjoying one of those amorphous and cushy executive positions without any real responsibility for years.

In any case, the man behind the anodised aluminium, is considered a vital driving force behind Apple’s signature designs. But, seriously, he’s not aiming a bazooka at Apple and flipping the bird. If you have Apple stock, chill. Hold it in your arms like the precious gold nugget it is. In any case, sudden dips like this aren’t likely to last – Apple will bounce back. It’s just funny as hell right now.

Featured image: Getty