Forget Waiting for Prime Day, John Lewis Just Kicked off a Big Clearance Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lots of people have been hyping up the fact Amazon's Prime Day is due to start in just under a month, with all the sales that come with that day, but what if I said you could save money right now? Well you can, just not on Amazon. Instead head over to the John Lewis website, where the high street retailer has kicked off its clearance sale.

Yes, clearance means John Lewis is trying to load off stock that it's been having trouble selling, but let's be honest with ourselves. All deals and sales are designed to do that, so at least John Lewis is just being honest. Plus John Lewis being John Lewis, you can get all sorts of stuff to fill up your house. TVs, laptops, washing machines, fridges, and all that stuff. If you fancy spending thousands of pounds on a treadmill, you totally can.

There's plenty of tech on offer, including £40 off the Apple HomePod (plus three months of Apple Music), £100 off the 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a free Google Home Mini if you order a Nest video doorbell, and even an old-timey rotary telephone for those of you that still have landlines. In fact the only thing John Lewis doesn't seem to be trying to get rid of (that we like, anyway) is Lego. But if you fancy a Lego-shaped storage box there is some money to be saved. I know I could use another one, thanks to all that time I spend on eBay.

If you're just looking for money off tech and electricals, you can check out the pretty-exhaustive list right here. If you're looking for something else, be it clothing, furniture, baby stuff, or whatever else, you can find your way to all those from the main clearance page.