Glastonbury Bans "Tory Genocide" Band

By Gary Cutlack on at

A band that describes itself as being "Electronic Rave Punk" and plays under the name of Killdren has been banned, uninvited, and had its name removed from its place in very, very small print on page 12 of the Glastonbury 2019 artists poster, thanks to investigative reporters who actually listened to some of their songs.

Of most concern to listeners is the band's song Kill Tory Scum, a supposedly satirical piece of political activism. The lyrics of Kill Tory Scum include such lines as "Murder them all to the beat of the drum, kill Tory scum" and the equally bonkers couplet of "Even if it's your dad and your mum, kill Tory scum," plus the pushing-over-the-edge "Tory genocide is the perfect outcome, kill Tory scum."

At least they all rhyme. Well done, anarcho-punks. The KTS video is perhaps even more inflammatory than the song itself, as it contains a sequence in which a bomb is sent to their local Conservative MP and the same fictional MP being strangled in her car. It may well be reflection-on-what-they've-done time for the members of Killdren, although not until they've sold all their stock of t-shirts.

The band is fairly unrepentant and says the Tories made them do it though, and explained: "The piece would not exist at all if the destructive and violent policies of the Tory party hadn't taken such a long and devastating toll on the UK," although they did have to be sort of a bit sorry in case a Tory party member tries to take them to court over it, and added: "The band does not condone the killing of Tories or children, or anyone for that matter -- regardless of political beliefs." [YouTube via BBC]