Halfords Bashes Out the Ebikes for Under £400 Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Halfords has applied the insane price crash algorithm to its in-house electric bike range, and is now selling an entry-level assisted bicycle for just £398. Obviously it'll be a bit rubbish for that money, but rubbish enough to live with and not hate and be embarrassed by? That's the key question we all face when making buying decisions.

There are two compromises to be aware of in the cute little Halfords Assist; the motor runs at 24V rather than the more common 36V push of larger bikes, so it will lack some of the oomphy pulling away torque that makes full scale ebikes such a laugh to ride, plus the machine's 4.8Ah battery has less than half the capacity you'd usually find in a more expensive option, limiting it to just a 20mph potential maximum assist range. Put a fat man on it, introduce a hill, apply a headwind, put some shopping on the rack and the range will be less.

It also looks like a folding bike, but doesn't actually fold. Not unless the metal used is so cheap it folds accidentally when you pedal hard or go over a bump. But then it is only £398 to get new, a practically disposable price point in today's electric bike world, where posh models can easily cost ten times as much; and even the next-up model in bloody Halfords is £850. [Halfords]