Here's The World's First Water Powered Tesla

By Tegan Jones on at

While some might argue that solar power is a pretty clean energy source, this gentleman decided to take things to the next level.

On Thursday Tesla tweeted out a video of a Model 3 owner who decided to charge his car with the power of water.

The man has been able to do this through hydropower, which uses the force of rapidly moving water to generate electricity. According to the video title, it's the first Tesla to be powered in this way.

"We wanted to make sure the Tesla would be charged from renewable energy from our hydro plant," said the owner.

He goes onto demonstrate the Model 3 charging off the back of his hydro power.

The men in the video go onto say that they have achieved Tesla's dream by creating "clean, electrified transportation."

Of course, this isn't exactly an accessible clean energy solution for the everyday person. Not everyone has a casual hydro plant as a water feature in their back gardens. But it's admirable that this bloke is utilising what he has at his disposal for the greater good of the planet.

The pricing for the new Tesla Model 3 was just announced for Australia last week, starting at $66,000 before delivery and on road cost fees.