How to Disable Those Huawei Lock Screen Ads

By Tegan Jones on at

This week there have been reports of advertisements for appearing on the lock screens of several of their devices.

This is how to get rid of them.

Complaints about the lock screen ad embeds have been popping up on Twitter and Reddit.

The ads have also been cited locally by fellow tech journalists.

According to Android Police affected devices include the P30 series, P20 series and overseas the Honor 10.

It is only impacting users who are using the pre-installed wallpapers of what used to simply be pretty scenery shots.

We're not sure that this is the best time for Huawei to be annoying customers considering its ongoing issues with the U.S. government and the likelihood that its devices will be permanently banned from the Android ecosystem.

While this was never going to be a particularly good look, this was probably the worst possible time to potentially alienate users.

Fortunately, ridding yourself of the encroaching ads is simple. All you need to know is to change your lock screen wallpaper to literally anything else.

We suggest cute animals of some description. Like a kitten. Or a sloth.

Gizmodo has reached out to Huawei locally for comment and will update this story if we receive a response.

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