Huawei Files a Patent for a New Foldable Phone Design

By Shabana Arif on at

It looks like Huawei is taking another leaf out of Samsung's book and is redesigning its foldable Mate 20 X if the recently filed patents are anything to go by.

First unveiled at MWC 2019 just a few months ago the Mate 20 X was the reverse of Samsung's Galaxy Fold design, folding outwards to get rid of the need for an outer screen. Oppo took a similar approach, leading Huawei to comment that it wasn't "surprised or shocked" that other companies were following its lead.

But a recent patent for a foldable smartphone reveals that the company may be taking inspiration from Samsung, as the new design shows a phone that folds inwards with a secondary screen on the outside.

We already know that the Mate X launch is being delayed, so is it possible that Huawei has done away with the previous design in favour of this one, or is the patent for second iteration going forward?

Who knows, but it seems to be sporting the same sidebar we saw in the original Mate X form factor which allows for the camera to be located somewhere other than the screen. The device is heavy on the curves when compared to the original too. Overall, it appears - on the surface at least - to be a step up from both the Galaxy Fold and the original Mate X design.

We're still waiting on a confirmed release date for the Galaxy Fold, although a Samsung executive did indicate that the phone is pretty much good to go. [SlashGear]