Huawei Is Running an Emoji Design Contest Before Getting the Community to Design Its OS

By Shabana Arif on at

In an effort to "build a more customized and diverse community," Huawei is running an emoji design contest with a bunch of phones and gadgets up for grabs for the winners.

The Huawei community launched earlier this year for owners of the company's products to gather and talk about their phones and the US trade bans presumably. The emoji contest is aimed at meeting the call for "a more inspiring and personalized community" through "well-designed, creative and original emojis".

Prospective designers have to come up with at least eight emoji that are inspired by "key elements" from Huawei products. The competition is apparently the starting point for an even bigger design project that will call upon the community to design "key OS elements" like app icons, wallpapers, and EMUI themes. Whether that work will also be paid for in phones as opposed to monetary commissions remains to be seen.

You can submit your entries up until June 29, 4.49pm, which is almost midnight in Beijing time.

Both this competition and the larger one are open to professional designers and users alike, so if you think you have something to contribute, get a wriggle on,